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It is a homeowner’s pride and joy to have pristine carpets that look like they have undergone expert carpet cleaning services from Carpet Cleaners Fortworth, Tx. But whether professional carpet cleaners handle your carpets or not, having clean carpets that look like new always lifts the spirits and relieves stress.


But what if you spilled coffee on your precious carpet? Or your equally adorable cat peed on the delicate fabric? Instead of being a stress-reliever, your carpet might turn into a stressor.

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Don’t let something like this happen. Know the different kinds of stains to avoid on your carpet, so they remain just as they were when you first bought them.


5 Tough Stains and Expert Carpet Cleaning to Match


  1. Pet stains. Pet “accidents” are hard to avoid. And, sometimes, your fur babies can’t help but leave little puddles of pee or poo on your carpet. When this happens, it will leave a mark and odor that is quite difficult to get rid of. But the right product, such as bio enzymes, can effectively remove them. Just don’t let such stains remain on your carpet too long, or it will bleach your carpet. 
  2. Oil. While it is hard to imagine how cooking oil got on your carpet, it still happens. And when left there long enough, dirt and other things will stick to it. That is when the problem starts. Thankfully, hot water extraction and enzyme cleaners can solve it.
  3. Mustard. Yellow mustard, to be specific, is one of the toughest stains to remove from carpets. It simply dyes the carpet and discolors it. Only professional carpet cleaners can deal with it.
  4. Coffee and tea. Having coffee or tea on the couch where your carpet lays is cozy. But when your drink spills, that is a different story. Luckily, the stain from these kinds of drinks can be removed by a special bleach. When used properly, the stain will completely disappear.
  5. Colored drinks and markers. Just like yellow mustard, colored drinks, and markers can dye carpets. But, as long as DIY options do not mishandle the stain, experts can remove it with the help of a dye remover.

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While these stains can be taken care of, it is best to avoid them so your carpets need not undergo the stress of deep cleaning.


However, accidents are inevitable. And when you spill something on your carpet, or your fur baby leaves accidents on it, there is no other way but to face the problem.


There is no need to worry, though. Professional carpet cleaners will help you get the stain out and bring back the old glory of your carpets. Carpet Cleaners Fortworth, TX, has the solution to such problems. They are armed with the latest and most effective carpet cleaning methods today. Don’t hesitate to try their services if you need help with tough stain removal.